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Can a SMSF invest in a Family Trust?

Many self-managed superannuation funds utilise a Unit Trust as an investment vehicle. These may be either listed or unlisted Unit Trusts including those involving related parties. Certain Trust situations in the SMSF environment can frequently cause headaches for trustees, accountants and auditors alike, depending on the structure and date of the Trust. Make sure you...
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ATO Penalty Regime

From 1 July, 2014 The ATO has greater power in dealing with trustees who break the law via their self-managed superannuation fund. The ATO can now apply administrative penalties to the trustees, specify a particular course of action to rectify a contravention or instruct the trustees to undergo training. Trustees must understand that any administrative fines...
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What if I don’t make the minimum pension?

Once you start an income stream benefit, there is a minimum pension amount that must be met each financial year. This is determined by the age of the member in addition to when the pension commenced in the year. Talk to your accountant or adviser about calculating this amount for your members’ pension accounts. So, what happens when a...
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